Which email provider offers the best spam protection? Study suggests that Hotmail is


Spam is one of those things that you can never get rid of completely, it seems. Email providers like Hotmail, Google Mail, or Yahoo Mail have been battling spam ever since they opened their doors to early adopters. And while they have succeeded in reducing spam significantly over the past few years, there is still work to be done in this compartment. Suppliers are currently work together to eliminate most spam once and for all. Until then, users will be getting spam in their inbox on a fairly regular basis.

A recent study by Cascading previews analyzed the spam blocking capabilities of Hotmail, Yahoo Mail and Google Mail. The researchers created email accounts with these services and an unfiltered account at a web host for comparison. The newly created email addresses were then posted to the web for scraping by spambots. Researchers further responded to spam email addresses and created Facebook pages with the email addresses posted openly on the pages.

After some time, the ratio of spam to legitimate emails in inbox, not spam folder, was analyzed. All unsolicited emails that arrived in the inbox were also blocked.

Microsoft’s Hotmail service managed to take Google’s top spot in a very tight finish, followed by Yahoo Mail and the unfiltered email account.

Yahoo Mail’s inbox spam percentage was about 10% higher than Hotmail and Gmail. The small difference between Gmail and Hotmail is unlikely to convince anyone to switch providers. He points out, however, that Microsoft has been successful in improving Hotmail’s spam detection and anti-spam capabilities over the years.

The study does not take into account factors that are beyond its reach. This includes whether and how often the websites where the email addresses were posted were crawled, or whether some email accounts were sold more often than others. These may have influenced the results in one way or another.

Microsoft was the first company to publish answer. The company attributes the drop in spam on Hotmail to several factors, including the company’s SmartScreen technology which reduced the spam rate on a typical Hotmail inbox to less than 3% according to Microsoft.

Microsoft has confirmed in this blog post that spam-related customer complaints have declined by over 40% over the past year and that the total number of spam-related complaints has declined by over 50% over the past year. last two years.

Do you have email accounts with one or more email providers? Are you receiving less spam today than in the past?



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