Viral link promoting Canadian visa lottery 2021/2022 application is a scam


The message is accompanied by a link to a website asking unsuspecting users to register.

Young Africans continue to have a very strong appetite to pursue their dreams of migration to Europe and North America.

With nearly 60% of Africa’s population under the age of 25, the world’s youngest continent counts among African countries with large numbers of emigrants Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal and South Africa, according to the World Bank “based on the 2011 report on migration for Africa”.

However, many young people who attempt to migrate to Europe and North America face challenges such as strict immigration laws, the high cost of funding migration plans, and scams. immigration.

Illegal recruiters are now using the digital space to find vulnerable young people willing to travel abroad for greener pastures and exploit them.

A concrete example is a widely circulated link on social media platforms including WhatsApp and Facebook encouraging people to participate in the Canadian Visa Lottery 2021/2022.

viral post

The post is accompanied by a link to a website asking unsuspecting users to register for the 2021/2022 Canadian Visa Lottery by providing personal information.

“Winners will be drawn from a random selection and there is no entry fee,” the message read and further claimed that the program was an opportunity for 45,000 winners to become permanent and legal residents of Canada. .

Meanwhile, clicking the link leads to a page that encourages users to “apply for the Canadian visa lottery NOW,” with an open application form where vulnerable users are asked to provide their biographical data.

Fact check

The Canadian High Commission in Ghana told GhanaFact that the advertised visa lottery is a scam.

“This indicates an immigration scam,” the Canadian High Commission in Ghana said in an email response when alerted to the viral message.

The Commission’s Risk Assessment Unit has further advised the public to make a formal complaint to the Ghana Police Service if one has fallen victim to the scam.

“If you suspect that you have been the victim of an immigration or employment scam outside of Canada, we suggest that you contact your local law enforcement authorities,” said the High Commission.

A search of WHOIS information for the all-scholarships domain. club shows that it was registered in Iceland on August 19, 2021.


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