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JAC Motors, a strong competitor in the global truck market, started in 1964 as a truck manufacturer. The company expanded into passenger vehicles and bakkies in 2007 and has been manufacturing battery electric trucks since 2014. Its current electric truck platforms range from 2.5 to 12 tonnes, offering weight and flexible wheelbases to suit particular tasks on the same vehicle chassis. .

JAC Motors has refined the design and engineering of its famous N-series to ensure excellent performance, low running cost and driver safety. The addition of the battery-electric derivatives to its N-Series demonstrates the company’s vision of an emission-free future for JAC trucks, focusing on efficient and economical battery-electric trucks.

Following the global launch in 2019 of the N55 EV equipped with the latest EV technology, JAC Motors South Africa introduced it locally in June 2021. Since then, it has been extensively tested in transport fleets to ensure that enough data has been gathered to encourage transport operators to convert to battery electric trucks to cut costs and reduce their carbon footprint.

Market interest in the N55 EV 3.5 ton truck convinced the company to introduce the new N75 EV 4 ton truck as permanent equipment on its official price list. It will be used alongside the versatile 6-ton N75 truck powered by the reliable Cummins ISF 3.8L Euro 3 engine.

“The new N75 EV is a great example of our global drive to deliver green mobility solutions to transport operators who want low running costs and reliability while minimizing their impact on the environment,” said Karl- Heinz Göbel, CEO of JAC Motors South Africa.

Reliable powertrains and transmissions for local conditions

The addition of a battery electric truck to the N75 lineup shows JAC Motors’ confidence in alternative energy solutions. The N75 EV is equipped with a 65 kW synchronous electric motor (130 kW peak power) with 415/1,200 Nm. It is powered by a 106.95 kWh LFP battery which allows a range of 200 km per charge. .

The N75 EV features an economy drive mode and uses regenerative braking to maximize battery life and range. It accelerates from 0 to 50 km/h in eight seconds, reaches a top speed of 90 km/h and can go up to 16.7 degrees with a load of four tonnes.

When a DC fast charger with a standard European CCS2-Combo connection is used, the battery charges in approximately two hours, providing a range of 200 km. Compared to a conventional ICE (internal combustion engine) truck, the N75 EV saves 50% on fuel/energy costs.

JAC Motors’ state-of-the-art vehicle fault diagnosis and monitoring and control systems ensure that the health of the N75 EV always exceeds transport operators’ expectation levels. It has also been subjected to numerous fire and waterproof tests to ensure that the vehicle remains safe in extreme conditions.

“The N75 EV is an economical, reliable and safe solution for last mile deliveries. Beyond the huge fuel/energy savings compared to conventional ICE trucks, the maintenance cost of the N75 EV is also 70% lower,” said Göbel.

The 6-ton N75 truck with its reliable 3.8-liter four-cylinder Cummins ISF Euro 3 common rail turbodiesel engine is a popular choice with haulage operators primarily due to its durability, low total cost of ownership and its versatility. The proven powertrain produces 115 kW and 500 Nm.

It features a hydraulically assisted dry single-disc clutch linked to a six-speed synchronized manual transmission. The transmission configuration allows low engine speeds at cruising speeds, thus reducing fuel consumption. It has an exhaust braking system for maximum braking efficiency.

“Our six-tonne truck caters to a broad customer base in various industries. Transport operators are particularly impressed with its energy efficiency, performance, versatility and everyday functionality,” said Göbel.

Both derivatives of the N75 are equipped with air brakes and an anti-lock braking system for increased stopping power and driver control to prevent wheel lockup under emergency braking conditions. In addition, the N75 EV features an advanced emergency braking system, throttle slip control, electronic stability control and hill start assist.

“Our new N75 EV offers transport operators an alternative solution to the ICE trucks used for last mile deliveries. It guarantees a substantial reduction in operating costs, making it the ideal choice for modern logistics companies competing in a highly competitive environment,” said Göbel.

The N75 ICE range offers a two-year/unlimited kilometer warranty. The N75 EV is covered by a 3-year/100,000 km mechanical warranty and a 5-year/100,000 km battery warranty.

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