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Tom Cashman, from Sydney, Australia, says he got a chilling response after asking his agent, Stephanie, to contact the landlord of his potential rental for a referral from recent tenants.

Tom says his apartment application was canceled after asking the agent for a ‘landlord reference’

A comedian has told how he had his rental application canceled after asking his agent for proof that the landlord had been kind to previous tenants.

Tom Cashman, from Sydney, Australia, said he asked his agent, Stephanie, to contact the landlord of his potential rental for a referral from recent tenants.

He explained to his followers on Instagram and TikTok, where he shared videos documenting the swap, that it was only fair, as he was asked to provide several rental references before getting his candidacy approved.

After waiting four days, Tom followed Stephanie, who emailed him back asking him to explain his request.

In response, Tom said he had already found “landlord referrals” to be an “effective way to find out if a landlord is good with their tenants (and that seems appropriate, as I’ve already provided them with a few referrals)”.

Stephanie responded with a short email saying this would not be possible as the landlord was ‘not in contact’ with previous tenants and providing references was not a ‘requirement’ for a landlord.

This caused further back and forth between the two, in which Tom wondered if the landlord had any contact details for his previous tenants, and Stephanie clarified that the landlord did not wish to contact them.

“The owner does not want to connect previous tenants and it is not an obligation. All the best with your property search,” the agent replied.

At the end of his video, Tom admitted that he had rubbed Stephanie the wrong way

In a bizarre twist, Tom then received an automated email he received from the rental website, which stated that his application had been “withdrawn”.

In another email to Stephanie, Tom said he knew owner references weren’t a requirement and mentions the removed reference, asking if Stephanie had canceled her application because of her request.

Stephanie didn’t answer the question, but returned an email with a single line saying the landlord preferred a “long-term lease period.”

In a video in which a puzzled Tom talks about the trade, he admits his trade definitely “pissed Stephanie off”.

While he called on prospective tenants to ask for landlord references in a bid to standardize the practice, he admitted his approach had not been very successful.

“In conclusion, I think asking for a reference is a good idea,” he said.

“However, if they can’t find anyone, I would advise them to rub their noses because they will immediately reject your application.”

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