SETS develops a quantum random number generator


The Society of Electronic Transactions and Security (SETS) recently developed a Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG), which can be used to generate ATM pins and other security codes.

“Outside the financial industry, the machine can be used in biological simulation and modeling, digital tokens, encryption algorithms, random sampling digital certification, key generation and even gambling,” said Natarajan Venkatachalam, Swathi Mithran, both scientists, and N. Sarat Chandra Babu, executive director, SETS, the team that developed the QRNG.

The generator, which is made in EETS except for the chip, is an independent device and is not like the computer generated ones since photons are used to generate the numbers. “In computers, software is used to generate, which means the authors of the software can predict numbers. This is the same case with other random number generators. But in this case, no one can predict the outcome since photons are used to generate numbers,” said one of the team members.

A light source (LED) emits photon shot noise to a CMOS image sensor, which captures the photon noise and generates raw data. This raw data is then processed by the Quantum Random Function (QRF) and the output is a sequence of binary bits with verifiable entropies.

SETS has filed a patent application for this device, which costs only 1/10 e of similar devices which are generally imported. For more details, email SETS at [email protected]


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