Reliable and Renewable Solar Generator Company Generark to Evolve as Geneverse


Geneverse HomePower ONE

Generark solar generator company is evolving as Geneverse to provide more universal and versatile solutions that help power families and communities in emergencies and everyday life.

Geneark solar generator company is evolving as Generic to further provide universal and versatile solutions that help families and communities cope with emergencies and daily life. With energy storage and solar generators suitable for a wide variety of unexpected circumstances, Geneverse aims to provide complete renewable energy independence that will transform a centralized energy distribution system into a decentralized, distributed and autonomous future. .

“The Geneverse name showcases the universal range of life moments our products can power,” says CEO Anson Liang, who founded the company after a severe power outage in his Bay Area neighborhood. “While this comes at a time of year when we expect Geneverse Power Stations to allow families to enjoy more quality and flexible time outdoors, having a source of reliable backup power will help prepare every home for the unexpected.”

Winner of Geneverse HomePower Solar Generator The series is an affordable and reliable backup power source (in the form of battery generators and solar panels) that keeps your home powered, providing up to 7 days of power to essential devices on a single charge. These lightweight, compact systems can be set up in 30 seconds or less and are easily portable, allowing you to stay connected anywhere, effortlessly. Geneverse lets you keep your household running smoothly stress-free through it all.

Power outages, fires, hurricanes and other natural disasters are among the most common reasons consumers purchase a generator, and demand for independent power supply continues to grow with news of an expected increase in power outages = blackout. Unlike gas systems, solar generators are low maintenance, environmentally friendly, quiet and safe for indoor use.

Geneverse products are expertly engineered, fully tested and certified, and come with an industry-leading warranty for peace of mind and ultimate reliability in any situation. The HomePower series of solar generators will hold a charge for one year and can be charged via a standard car or AC outlet, or by solar panels for energy independence.

Geneverse is aware of climate change and always looks to the future: we adhere to the principle of sustainability in the operation of our organization and we ensure that our products are socially, ecologically and economically sustainable for you and future generations. We use state-of-the-art battery materials and manufacturing processes to achieve high energy efficiency without harming our precious environment.

Geneverse represents an exciting new stage for the growth of our brand, with more new products and exciting developments to come. Please check to find out how you can independently power your home and provide peace of mind and follow us on Twitter, Facebookand instagram for more interesting updates. Please note that all visitors to will be automatically redirected to the updated site.

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