Meta announced a new AI video text generator

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Moving quickly in an effortless way to see what Dr. Phil would look like as Dragon Ball Z villain into a tool for creating award-winning gallery works, AI-generated art has just taken the next step. Yesterday, machine learning engineers at Meta announced a new AI tool called Make a video which produces videos from users’ text prompts.

Currently, Make-A-Video clips are audio-free and less than five seconds long, but at the current industry growth rate, we can probably expect that to change by the time you finish this. newsletter.

As with other recent AI tools, Make-A-Video carries risks: it could one day threaten the jobs of artists, it raises thorny ethical and copyright issues, and it poses a risk potential for privacy in its ability to create fake videos of real people. In a paper detailing their work, the Meta researchers also note that, like other AIs, it “learned and likely exaggerated social biases, including harmful biases.”

AI art is in its Big Bang era: Wednesday, OpenAI announcement that it has removed the waitlist for DALL-E, which means users can sign up and start using it immediately. And earlier this month, an AI-generated graphic novel received United States copyright registration – potentially the first piece created using the process to do so. –MK


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