India Visa Application Online offers an effortless visa application process that can be done from anywhere in just a few minutes


India Visa Application Online offers a streamlined visa application process that can be easily done from your home anytime. By choosing this visa application process, there is no need to visit the embassy and the application can be completed in just a few minutes. India Visa Application Online is an efficient method for individuals to apply for India e-Visa with which they can get many benefits.

Indian visa for Belgian citizens

Belgium was a launch member of India’s e-Visa program; thus, Belgian citizens can take advantage of the fast entry facility. They can easily apply for e-Visa through for quick and easy approval. The Indian e-Visa for UK citizens is only valid for arrivals by air and sea, and it can be used for tourist, business, medical and transit visits. Depending on the type of visa requested, Belgian citizens can obtain an Indian visa online for up to 5 years in validity. India e-Visa for UK citizens can be used to enter India multiple times.

Indian visa for Italian citizens

Italian citizens can use the Indian e-Visa for different purposes such as short-term tourism, business or transit visits. The Indian e-Visa offers them multiple entry facilities with which they can frequently enter India according to their needs. With they can easily get an Indian e-Visa within 72 hours. Italian citizens can now use an electronic Indian visa (India Visa Online) to enter the country for 180 consecutive days. People living in Italy can get Indian Visa by making payment using 135 payment methods including Debit/Credit/PayPal.

Indian visa for Japanese citizens

Japanese citizens can enjoy the fast entry facility as Japan was a launch member of India’s e-visa program. For Japanese citizens, India e-Visa is only valid for air and cruise ship arrivals. Applicants can apply for a visa online. This is a short and simple process that only requires an email address, credit/debit card or PayPal. After submitting the visa application, the Indian visa will be sent via email.

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