GenTent® announces the release of its brand new range of generator covers, GenTent® Plus Edition

Brentwood, NH, June 06, 2022 –(– GenTent Safety Canopies® today announced the expansion of its all-new line of portable generator operating covers, the GenTent® Plus Edition. The new line of GenTent® awnings expands the high quality Standard Edition by adding UV treatment and extreme cold ratings. Plus Edition canopies are available for open frame or inverter models in the original GenTent size, as well as GenTent® XL size for larger frame generators.

Additionally, GenTent Safety Canopies® will also introduce a standard edition of the GenTent® XL size starting today. Traditionally, larger XL awnings have been offered exclusively in the Extreme Edition; but with strong market segment growth in much larger portable generators, GenTent® will begin to bring additional competitively priced options to market. The GenTent® XL size will carry the Standard, Plus and Extreme editions.

The GenTent® Plus range will be available in all markets and platforms for immediate release, and will complement the pre-existing Standard and Extreme editions. Plus Edition awnings are made of NFPA 701 FR rated vinyl coated polyester and marine grade vinyl.

Plus Edition awnings have a cold crack rating of -32C (-25F)
Plus Edition awnings are UV treated for extended outdoor use and exposure
All Plus Edition awnings and kits come with a 2 year warranty

GenTent’s safe and inclement weather operating solution for 98% of the portable generator market, made in the USA, with over 100,000 units committed and sold worldwide in fiscal year 2022. GenTent Products are designed to be more affordable and practical than fixed steel generator boxes, retrofit or DIY solutions.

GenTent maintains portable generators and inverters:

– Safe when running in wet weather by protecting generator electrical panels, from all angles, including blizzard or hurricane force rainfall.
– Portable and easily moved – with easy access for refueling and maintenance.
– Naturally cool – unlike steel, plastic or other full canvas generator enclosures, cooling air is not blocked.
– Capable of naturally expelling exhaust gases so no toxic gas buildup occurs.

GenTent Safety Canopies Plus and other canopy editions can be ordered online or by contacting the company via email: [email protected] or phone: 781-33G-TENT (781-334-8368). Pricing starts at $164.99 for the Plus line canopy editions.

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About GenTent Security Canopies
Established in 2011, GenTent® Safety Canopies are easy-to-install weatherproof covers that ensure safe operation of portable generators in virtually any wet weather condition while keeping the generator portable. The GenTent eliminates the risk of CO poisoning or electrocution by allowing portable generators to operate safely outdoors, away from structures, in wet weather. Installation is a simple 3-step operation – Attach it, Frame it and Cover it – to protect your power supply from the elements.

The company’s patented portable security canopies are made in the United States and used by the United States Army, National Guard, United States Navy, Department of Energy, NOAA, as well as homeowners and businesses during notable storms such as Hurricane Sandy, Irma, Harvey. , and Mary. GenTent is considered the premier safety canopy for portable generators operated by RV owners, tailgates, campers, homeowners, businesses and first responders. For more information, visit


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