Egoras LPG generator – yes, to be powered by cooking gas [Video]


I shared the ergonomic engineering design here a few days ago. I’m happy to share what the current cooking gas generator looks like, from the R&D team (updated version which is in the process of being certified with regulators). I am also happy to note that the Nigerian government, through a delegation, will visit the factory next week. The generator runs on cooking gas which we have in abundance in Nigeria. I shared a photo of a large plant a few months ago; this plant will employ hundreds of engineers and technicians in the coming quarters.

Egoras is among the startups raising funds in Tekedia Capital’s current investment round. We have worked so hard to bring it to that level where we can introduce it to our Union. It’s one of the things that makes Tekedia Capital unique: we identify, mentor, coach and prepare outstanding innovators and startups, then lead them to raise funds from our members. Ugoji Harry is amazing. The other 6 startups are equally remarkable. It’s our mission here.

I also want to thank the Nigerian government. The email from NESG Chairman Dr MM Ibrahim is much appreciated. Thank you dr.

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Fellow citizens: would you like Egoras’ car in ten years? Nigeria has all the talent; we just need to inspire young men and women. We brought them together in Egoras to fix the broken generators. Over time, they are confident to make new (partial) ones. The same can happen for cars; that in-depth engineering leadership will be entrusted to them. You can see the final design here

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