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We check all of our emails daily and prepare our schedule, set up reminders and notifications based on the emails we receive from our friends, family and colleagues.

What started as a Kickstarter project in 2012 is now a well-designed and very intuitive email client that lets you manage and process all your emails in different ways.

The installation process is very simple and can be completed in seconds, just like all other apps available on the Mac App Store. However, you need to have OS X Mountain Lion or later on your Mac and a 64-bit processor.

Mail Pilot comes with a simple and well-organized interface that gives you instant access to all of your accounts. In the left panel of the app, you can browse your emails, while the right panel allows you to view the content of each message.

Mail Pilot automatically marks all incoming emails as incomplete tasks, until you choose one of the actions available from the bottom menu bar. You can mark an email as completed, put it aside, add it to any of your lists or folders, or set up a reminder. Additionally, you can delete the email or move it to a list or folder by simply dragging and dropping the email in question.

The Full feature is designed to mark an email as read and archive it immediately, while the other features provided let you process your messages according to their importance.

Thanks to the Reminder function, you can reply to your emails on a specific date. Set aside, on the other hand, helps you deal with posts that require a little more attention than just reading. Additionally, you can group multiple emails into user-definable lists such as “read later” or “wish lists” by clicking the List button.

The Folder function is similar to the List function, with the only difference that the selected emails are moved to a folder rather than to a list. As a bonus, all of the aforementioned functions, as well as the Delete button, have their specific keyboard shortcut.

From the side panel, you can access the Accounts, Full, Incomplete, and Lists tabs. Obviously, the Accounts tab helps you view different email accounts while the Incomplete tab lets you view your inbox, today, put away, and future.

If you need to check archives, sent and trash emails, you can always use the Complete tab. At the same time, the Lists tab helps you view your personalized lists and manage the remaining emails.

Throughout our testing period, Mail Pilot has proven to be smooth and responsive, with easy-to-learn keyboard shortcuts and handy features.

While Mail Pilot is similar in design to Apple’s Mail app, it may take some getting used to the way messages are managed and organized. In other words, Mail Pilot takes all the good parts of Mail but adds new, much-needed features.

By going to the Preferences window, you can make Mail Pilot the default email client, turn Notification Center notifications on or off, and select your preferred sound for audio notifications.

You can also choose the default email account, configure Mail Pilot to automatically quote the original message in replies, turn off attachment preview and hot-linked images in messages.

Mail Pilot supports all standard IMAP accounts, such as Google, AOL, Yahoo, iCloud, Outlook.com, and Exchange (with IMAP enabled). As it has just come out of beta testing, it is quite normal that not all email service providers are supported; However, we are sure that more messaging services will be added in future updates.

When it comes to system resource consumption, when using Mail Pilot on our test Macs, the CPU load soared to 31%, while RAM usage was consistently higher than the email client. Apple standard with 120-160MB. It goes without saying that these values ​​may vary depending on the number of messages in your email inbox and the configuration of your Mac.


In conclusion, Mail Pilot is a practical and versatile email client that allows you to interact with your emails in a more natural way. Its task-oriented approach is sure to change the way you manage and organize your emails.

The bad

The only downside seems to be the incompatibility with non-IMAP email services. However, since Mail Pilot is only in the early stages of its existence, this issue is expected to be addressed in future updates.

The truth

Overall, Mail Pilot is one of the few apps that manages to reinvent email on desktops and iOS devices. On top of that, the user-oriented interface, along with the innovative way of handling emails, make Mail Pilot a must-have for anyone who has to deal with a lot of emails every day.


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