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Are you looking for a reliable fake email generator? Well, if you are, this article will surely help you. In this article, we have shared some of the best fake email generators that are worth checking out.

These days, the majority of websites and online services require users to register with their email address before allowing content to be displayed, comments posted, or anything downloaded. Unfortunately, most of these services are unreliable and end up selling a user’s personal information to other companies.

On top of that, most shady websites spam users and fill their inbox with unnecessary messages. Well if you want to get rid of the above mentioned issues then you can use a fake email generator.

What is a fake email generator?

Before sharing the current list of the best fake email generators, it’s important to know what exactly a fake email generator is. It’s all in the name; fake email generator helps users access online service using fake email address.

Usually, a fake email address lasts for a limited period of time. However, it comes in handy whenever you want to try a new service.

So, in no particular order, these are some of the best bogus email generators worth checking out.

Best fake email generators

1. Guerillamail

The first and possibly the oldest fake email generator is Guerrillamail. This fake email generator allows users to change their email address as per their preference.

In addition to the email address, you can also choose alternative domains.

Guerrillamail fake email generator

Fortunately, there is no signup process involved on this platform. Guerrillamail keeps your emails for one hour. You can even use Guerrillamail to send files. Currently, Guerrillamail offers a courteous limit of 150MB per email.

Overall, Guerrillamail is a reliable service for sending and receiving emails through fake email address.

Use Guerrillamail

2. Temporary mail

Temp Mail is another reliable service for generating temporary email addresses. Similar to Guerrillamail, Temp Mail allows users to create and use a fake email address.

You can either copy or forge the email address, or share it using a QR code. Temp Mail allows users to delete a particular address whenever they want.

Temporary mail: temporary e-mail

In addition to the web version, you can also use the Temp Mail app on your Android or iOS smartphone. Temp Mail is available in over two dozen international languages ​​and has a very well developed user interface.

Use temporary messaging

3. Fake mail generator

Fake Mail Generator is an absolutely free disposable mail system that does exactly as the name suggests.

Using Fake Mail Generator, a user can create a temporary email address, and that email address is instantly activated.

Fake mail generator

Fake Mail Generator offers several generic and country specific domain names. An email address created using this platform is automatically deactivated after 24 hours of inactivity.

Therefore, if you want to continue using an email address, visit this website at least once every 24 hours.

Use a fake mail generator


The next generator of trustworthy fake email addresses is 10MinuteMail. As the name of this service suggests, it allows users to temporarily use an email account for ten minutes.

Similar to other websites on the list, there is no signup process involved on this platform.


Using a toggle, you can even reset the time limit on your fake email address. 10MinuteMail is a great service for anyone who needs a fake email account for a few minutes.

Use 10MinuteMail

5. YOPmail

YOPmail is another feature rich service for creating fake email account. A disposable email address on YOPmail lasts about eight days.

Since the inbox on YOPmail is not password protected, you can use the random email generator to secure your account.

Fake Email Address Generator

YOPmail also has dedicated extensions for Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer, which can be used to directly access the YOPmail inbox.

As for the disadvantages, YOPmail does not allow users to send emails using the fake email address.

Use YOPmail

6. Recycle bin

Trash-Mail is the next best fake email generator to keep your inbox clean from spam. You can use this fake email generator website without any registration.

Trash-Mail allows users to protect their fake email accounts with a password.

Trash-Mail Fake Email Generator

One of the strengths of Trash-Mail is its simple and intuitive user interface. Finally, by using Trash-Mail, you can both send and receive emails.

Use the recycle bin

7. MintEmail

MintEmail is another popular fake email generator website. This disposable, click-free email system stores your emails for an hour and automatically assigns you a temporary email address once you visit this website.

MintEmail: Fake Email Generator

In addition to an automatically assigned email address, you can even create a personalized address to suit your preferences. Finally, MintEmail notifies users as soon as a new email arrives in their inbox.

Use MintEmail

8. ThrowAwayMail

ThrowAwayMail is an ideal fake Gmail generator for users who want to use a fake email address for a longer period of time.

Well, ThrowAwayMail offers a 48 hour time frame which can be refreshed by visiting the website at least once every 48 hours.

ThrowAwayMail - fake Gmail generator

Using ThrowAwayMail, you can create multiple fake email accounts. This website stores messages from different emails in separate mailboxes.

Use ThrowAwayMail

9. OwlyMail

OwlyMail creates free temporary emails for life. This fake email generator service is available in nine different languages. You can use the email created on OwlyMail for verification, testing, testing, and more.

OwlyMail - Fake Email Generator

Unlike the other websites on the list, OwlyMail notifies users whenever they receive a new message. Note that OwlyMail deletes your emails every 2 days but your email address remains active forever. Finally, you can create as many email identifiers as you want.

Use OwlyMail

10. Mailinator

The last best fake email generator on the list is Mailinator. Unlike the other websites on the list, Mailinator is a paid service. Mailinator allows users to generate unlimited number of emails and IP locations.

Mailinator - fake emails generator

Similar to Gmail, Mailinator automatically deletes spam. That said, you can still view those deleted messages. Mailinator is ideal for small and large businesses.

Use Mailinator

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So these are some of the best fake email generators that are worth checking out. Share your personal recommendations in the comments section below.



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